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The Spirit Of Legend

We’ve created six of the finest, most delicious 100% agave tequilas.
Take a little time to explore their distinct colours, flavours
and finishes. And when it’s time for a drink,
be sure to raise a glass to the gods.

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Mayan magic

You’ll notice that each of our bottles carries a different Mayan zodiac sign. These each represent a unique character and illustrate the distinctive qualities of the six Tequilas in our Sierra Milenario range.

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Sierra Milenario Blanco

Tequila Blanco

The Creative Snake

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Sierra Milenario Reposado

Tequila Reposado

The Intuitive Jaguar

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Sierra Milenario Anejo

Tequila Añejo

The Crazy Monkey

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Sierra Milenario Extra Anejo

Tequila Extra Añejo

The Wise Eagle

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Sierra Milenario Cafe

Café Liqueur

The Curious Rabbit

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Sierra Milenario Fumado

Tequila fumado

the Edgy Crocodile

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production process

100% true blue

Premium Tequila begins with the finest Weber blue agaves. Which is why we choose only the best: if they don’t make the grade in our scrupulous triple selection process, then they don’t make it into our Tequila.

Three is the magic number

The first step is finding special, isolated cru fields in the highlands of the Jalisco region. The soil must be rich in minerals, the altitude just right, and the fields tended by only the most experienced jimadores.

The second step involves selecting the finest baby agaves. Our jimadores will cultivate the chosen plants for many years without using feritlizers, before they harvest them by hand.

And harvesting only the cream of the agave crop is what the third step is all about. Our experts pick only the plants that have the highest sugar content, for a clean, pure and delicious tasting tequila.

the best is first pressed

After slowly cooking the agaves for a day, we use the juice from the first pressing so we’re claiming only the finest, freshest agave for our tequila.

The taste of tradition

To ferment the agave juice, we cultivate yeast in our highly-modern laboratories using a well-kept family secret that requires the heart of the agave (the ‘piña’). Every step of the distillation process is key to creating our premium Tequila; we believe that only the most traditional, time-tested distillation techniques are able to produce this refined taste. Gentle, low-grade distillation is carried out in copper pots and extracts the distinct flavour from the agaves, giving us the exceptional quality synonymous with Sierra Milenario Tequila.

The proof is perfection

With its alcohol content of 41.5% ABV, (excluding Sierra Milenario Café, which has 35% ABV) Sierra Milenario Tequila exceeds the proof requirements that define a premium Tequila.

Ageing tastefully

After the distillation process, our Reposado, Anejo and Extra-Anejo mature in either American white oak or French limousine oak barrels for up to four years. The ideal climate conditions, the air circulation, the carefully selected barrels and the length of maturation lead to their unique flavour and finish.

The Milenario Story

Chapter One

The story of Sierra Milenario stretches back to the time of the ancient Mexican gods. The creator god, Quetzalcoatl, fought with the goddess of darkness because she had stolen the light of the sun god. In anger, the goddess of darkness killed Quetzalcoatl’s wife. As Quetzalcoatl´s tears fell on her grave, the shoots of a beautiful agave grew from the earth. He killed the goddess of darkness and sunlight returned to earth, ripening the agave. To thank Quetzalcoatl, the sun god gave him agave nectar to help alleviate his pain.

Chapter Two

Today in the western Sierra Madre – where Quetzalcoatl’s tears once nourished the mineral-rich highlands of the Federal State of Jalisco – Sierra’s master distiller Rodolfo Gonzalez Gonzalez produces the 100% de Agave Sierra Milenario Tequila range using traditional methods. In the sun-drenched, low-precipitation climate the highland agaves grow free from artificial fertilizer or industrial irrigation for many years, until they are harvested by hand.

Chapter three

The distillery in Guadalajara, capital of Jalisco, is built on the grounds of an old hacienda and there only the best first-pressed agave juice is fermented and then traditionally distilled in copper vats, before being bottled by hand.

Chapter four

The Tequilas within the Sierra Milenario range each carry a different Mayan zodiac sign, to represent their unique qualities: the snake, the jaguar, the monkey, the eagle, the rabbit and the crocodile.

Chapter five

They watch over those that honour and cherish this god given gift – and guide them on the path of becoming gods themselves.

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Sierra Milenario

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Distillery and production:
Puerto Altata 1131-2
Circ. Belisario
44330 Guadalajara
Jalisco, Mexico

International Marketing & Sales:
Winsbergring 12-22
22525 Hamburg
T +49 40 - 85316-0
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